DIY Top Tube
DIY Top Tube

DIY Top Tube

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Design your own Bunnyhop Wrap.

510mm (20inch) x 100mm (3.9inch)

490mm (19.2inch) x 40mm (1.5inch)

Click on the Customize button above. Use the Blank template and load your own image or design. When you are happy with your design, add it to the Cart and we'll get it into production.



BunnyHop Wrap Film

Product Features

Comply™ Adhesive with micro technology offers excellent air flow and leaves a smooth finish

Optimized initial tack

Slideability for easy positioning

Non-visible air release channels for fast and easy, bubble-free installations

Many finished graphic constructions can be stretched up to 150% (i.e., a 10 inch [25 cm] piece of film can stretch to 15 inches [38cm]) without primer or relief cuts and maintain lift resistance

Flexible and highly-conformable for use on compound curves, corrugations, deep channels, and rivets

High dimensional stability, for installation in hot or cold temperatures

Removable with heat from most surfaces within the Warranty Period

Resists tearing in cooler temperatures

Highly durable protection.

Greener Solutions

Non-PVC, phthalate-free film

Contains no added chlorine or halogens

Made in part from bio-based materials

Manufactured using 58% less solvent