Tutorial for Name Stickers


Its easy to customsise your own name decals with images and text.
We have included videos below for you to follow. 

These are the tools you have:



Adding type video tutorial:


In your toolbar, you have "Text."
After you click on "Text" you will see an imput box for your text. It can be your name, your nick name, or whatever you like. 

You will see 4 icons in the corner of your text graphic, to allow you to move, scale, rotate and delete. You can also use the drop down menu to your left to change the font, or change the colour colour.

You can use the button "Add more text" to add extra type if you like. 


Adding Clip Art Video tutorial:

In the toolbar to your right, click "clip art and images" and then "World Flags".

Youy can use the search bar to find the flag you like. After you click on it, you have 4 icons in the corner of your image, to allow you to move, scale, rotate and delete the selected flag.

Adding your own image Video tutorial


Does your team have its own logo? Do you have your own graphic you want to use? No problem.

In your toolbar, go to "My gallery" and upload an image from your device. Just like the clipart and the text, you can use the 4 toggles to adjust this image how you like. 


Duplicale and finish tutorial:

Once you have designed your black background stickers, you can do you white background ones. If you want to use the same design, click the "duplicate" button for the clip art and text. From there customise the colours how you like.

What you will recieve:


If you are struggling with the customiser, or need something to be created by a design team, reach out to us at info(at)bunnyhopcycycling.com.au, we are happy to help.

Or you can ask us a question on the Contact us page