Tutorial for Bike Frame Stickers


Its easy to customsise your own wrap with images and text.
We have included videos below for you to follow. 

These are the tools you have:


Basic image placing video tutorial:


In the toolbar to your right, click "upload image". You can upload an image from your Facebook or your Instagram (if you are already logged in on that browser), but for the moment, we are going to add an image from your device.

After that has uploaded, you have 4 icons in the corner of your image, to allow you to move, scale, rotate and delete the selected image.

If you delete the image, it will still be in your gallery if you want to use it again. 

Adding text 
video tutorial:


In your toolbar, under "My gallery" you have "Text."
Type whatever you like into the input box. Again, you will see the 4 icons in the corner of your text graphic, to allow you to move, scale, rotate and delete. You can also use the toggles below to customise the font or colour.

You can use the button "Add more text" to add extra type if you like. 

Adding extra images & adjusting them 
video tutorial:

You had add extra images to your design by clicking "upload from your device".
If you have a png file, (an image with no background) you can ad that too. Use the toggles around the image to arrange it how you like.

The toolbar to your right also gives you the option to duplicate, flip or mirror the image. If you are playing with multiple elements, you can use use the layer icon at the bottom of the toolbar to layer your elements how you like.

Finishing up video tutorial:

Dont forget to customise all the pieces in your kit. They don't have to match, you can design them how you like.

If you would like a closer look at your design, click the "Create PDF preview." It will open the PDF in a new tab, but the tab with your design will remain open. Once you are happy with it, go back to your design tab, click ok.

From there, using the blue buttons below your toolkit, you can save your design, or add it to your chart. 

If you are struggling with the customiser, or need something to be created by a design team, reach out to us at info(at)bunnyhopcycycling.com.au, we are happy to help.

Or you can ask us a question on the Contact us page